Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Edmark Part III--The Folder

So I can't say that the initial idea that will be discussed in this post is mine. It comes the teacher who said to write down each word on an index card. I'm 98% sure she has a blog but I haven't found it, so please know that the orginal idea wasn't mine but the modification was.

So let's start with the visual. (I'm big on visuals as you might be able to tell by now.) This was done on a file folder.

So here is the basic premise of this folder. With an adult/peer buddy, the student places his first word card on the read section. The student then attempts to read the word. The adult can then praise or correct. Then the student places the card on the spell section. This could be done two ways--1)looking at the card to work on letter recognition or 2)with the card covered and the student attempts to spell the word, this helps work on letter sound associations. Again, the adult praises or corrects. Then on the other side of the folder, the student should write the word they have been reading and spelling once on a line. Or I suppose they could write it three times. You decide.

However, some of the kids that I wanted to use this for didn't have good fine motor skills and writing would take a fair amount of effort. So I modified it to look like this.

Again, same idea of doing it with an adult/peer buddy. I color coded it because I try to have the kids go from green to red. First, the student should attempt to read the word. Then the adult corrects or praises. Second, the student should attempt to spell the word. Same options as the other folder. Again, praise or correct. Third, the student should trace the word on the card. And then, because I like symmetry, I added a finished pile.

I did hear my one of my assistants having my kids say the word in a sentence before they are finished. I think I heard one of my assistants say, "This is getting too easy for you. Say it in a sentence." I had the best assistants! :D

So your red box could be, say it in a sentence/phrase/two word combination.

I really liked the folder because it was pretty self explanatory for subs and assistants. It was also great because I sent it home plus index cards with my graduating senior so he can practice if he/his parents want to.

Alright, well I'm done with Part III, more to come!

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