Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good websites...

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, apparently sitting in front of computers and installing programs all day long doesn't make you want to use your home computer. Click, click, click all day long. But I am liking the new job, more on that another time. So, I thought today I would talk about some websites that I like for instructional materials for teaching students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Please note that this is simply my opinion, based on my experiences. I have not been paid or in any way compensated for my opinion.

One of my favorite websites was News-2-You. News-2-You is an adapted newspaper for individuals with disabilities. It covers current events, most of which are age appropriate for all school children. It comes with leveled text with varying amounts of picture support. It also comes with worksheets that support math, science, and social studies concepts. There are also some games online. I know they are also adding new stuff this year as well. News-2-You is a paid service.

Another one of my favorite websites is EdHelper. EdHelper is a great website for getting math worksheets for basic concepts like addition, subtraction, telling time, using a calendar. If you do spelling words, there are a lot of different ways to make worksheets. EdHelper also offers a theme and art projects section which is nice too. Some of EdHelper is free and some of it requires a paid subscription.

APlusMath is another great math worksheet website. I would use these for independent work mostly because you can control how many problems, how much space between the problems, what numbers should be in the problems. I especially liked this site for their counting money worksheets because it orders the coins from largest value to smallest value which helps a little with the count by 5's and then by 1's concept. APlusMath also has some free online math games as well as worksheets that can be completed and graded on line! This website is free!

AdaptedLearning is a Boardmaker sharing website. Its easily searchable and free! I <3 Boardmaker. 'Nuff said.

SMARTExchange is a place for users of SMARTBoards and SMARTNotebook to share files. There are also specific standards based lessons designed by educators for SMARTTechnologies for teachers to use. You can search by subject area and keyword. SMARTExchange is free!

Classroom Suite Activity Exchange is a place where people share their classroom suite activities. You search by keyword. There are a lot of different activities from errorless writing to science quizes. You do need an account but it is free. You also need a player or the classroom suite program to use the programs.

DLTK is a website made by a mother but she has a lot of great educational activities--alphabuddies, art projects, custom bingo maker, custom calendar maker, on line games, poetry, and the list continues. DLTK is a free website!

Hope this helps you find some great new things to do with your kids!

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